Customized, colorful, and interactive sites built to promote you, your business, or your events.  Easy to navigate menus, with embedded pictures, slideshows, or video to assist you in getting your messages across to the viewer.

Web Resumes
We will take your current resume or help you build a new one and then convert it to a website for you.  A web resume is so much more powerful because with the click of a mouse, a perspective employer can immediately see examples of your work and skills; something that cannot be seen on a paper resume. Plus, with an active link, you can be contacted via email immediately should there be a need to obtain more information from you.

Stores/Shopping Carts
When was the last time you actually used the Yellow Pages to make a purchase. Shopping via the internet is the most popular way to buy or sell product.  B2 Web Design will create a very attractive storefront for you and then set you up with a shopping cart system so that your customers can gather your product(s) and then pay for them in a way that is convenient for the both of you.

Put a slightly different twist on the standard single page newsletter. Let us create your company or family newsletter with linked pages for different family members or departments. Loaded with colorful high resolution pictures and video, your viewers can become more engaged and feel almost as if you were there.

So you have a website, but the group that built it for you is no longer in business or you do not have a clue as how to reach them. No Problem! In many cases, we can take over and update your website and get you back in circulation in no time.

Photo Slide Shows
A well done photo slide show can be a very entertaining or moving experience. Regardless if they are pictures from your recent vacation, or a collection of pictures to be used as the background for wedding receptions, milestone birthdays, memorials, or any other type of special occasion; a photo slide show can speak volumes without you having to say a word. Custom editing and set to music, our slide shows can be created for viewing on your television, computer, or projected to a screen.